Cue the Adam Sandler…Chanukah Party Roundup


Yep…Eight Crazy Nights kickstarting on Thanksgiving Eve this year.  I was raised culturally Jewish and have the most awesome memories celebrating the wondrous Festival of Lights.  Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel…okay, we didn’t quite make ‘em out of clay, but we played our little hearts out…staring down a mountain of chocolate gelt–winner takes all.  The best thing about Chanukah?  Well, besides, fried food, fire starting and family…you have a week and some change to bring your best party to the tablescape.  Here are some cool and creative designs to inspire:


For more great photos, inspiration and design directions visit:


Love the Chanukah dessert bar from the Sucre Shop. Focusing on dessert makes for an easier shin dig that still affords plenty of lee way in creativity and whimsy. blue-ombre-cupcakes

How cool are these ombre cupcakes!


To purchase:

I heart garland and streamers year round.  From birthday parties to the majors, they add a simple festive touch that packs a ton of impact to your decorating.


Tablescapes are another obsession.  I love this simplicity of this six seater round from Design Megillah.  The Gelt garland over the mantle piece is clever idea and adds awesome texture to an already beautiful setting.

Of course, Martha is the master of combining  whimsy and elegance.  Great way to incorporate the dreidel into the evening with these playful dinner or dessert napkins.

lined up 2

cones in a row wtih type

More napkins! Again from Design Megillah, custom 1 through 8 Chanukah napkins and these sweet favor cones.





To purchase:

All about the luminaries…it is–after all–the festival of lights.  I love these varied ideas for incorporating candles to your design.  The mason jars are rustic perfect…ditto the branch shaped menorah.  At the opposite end of the tablescape spectrum, the mirrored tier coupled with dozens of votives lends itself to an elegant and beautiful adult evening.  Which brings me to the luminary paper bags:  I have young kids who will more likely burn my house down than not.  LED votives and these simple paper bags make for a wonderful alternative to a visit from the fire department.

For recipe visit:


For recipe visit:

Food, food, yummy fried food! It ain’t Chanukah with latkes and donuts.  Above are two delicious links to savory latkes and less guilty (yet super tasty) version of the Sufganiyot.

Have a Happy Happy Happy Happy Chanukah!



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  1. Heather Rode says:

    That dreidel garland is the cutest! Happy almost Chanukkah.

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