From Costanza “Ehhh” To Pre-K Pickup Passable

I’m on the wrong side of 35…oh hell, quite frankly I’m on the precipice of 40 with it barreling down at me like a runaway train.  With 2 kids and crap genetics re: skin elasticity, my body is a lost cause–well, so far as wearing a bikini or non-spandex, ruch-less, skirt-less bathing suit again is concerned.  My face is the last hold out.  And no, it does not plan on going quietly into the dark night.  I will scream, slather and spackle the entire horrid way there.  Not a fan of needles, botulism pumped into my face nor the $$$ price tags, I’ve yet to succumb to medical interventionists.  Basically, I stay out of the sun and try not to drink too much.  I also subscribe to the transformational powers of good make-up.  Even before I blamed pregnancy and parenting on all my beauty shortcomings, I’ve always had one of those faces that was just  “ehhh” without makeup.  I’d describe my natural skin tone as “washed out.”  Makeup has always helped me “pop”…I’ve been dabbling in it since I was 11 and had to wash my caked ‘Wet and Wild’ face off in the girls’ bathroom before heading home to my aspiring feminist (and not in the glamorous Gloria Steinem vein) and make-up disapproving on the under 16 set mother. I’ve grown up and stopped caking.  So here you have it: the less is more daily go-to makeup must haves.  Below you’ll find my Before and After.  I’ve bravely posted a pic of me bare faced and vulnerable in the early hours of the AM.  Also, don’t expect Giselle to greet you in the After shot…I’m SAHM that likes makeup…not a plastic surgeon.

This is obviously the BEFORE. I’d nurse the baby…count ‘em, 5 times the night before…check out those under eye circles…sheesh. This is the I-scare-myself-face.

  1.  Bobby Brown Foundation Stick.  $42.  Great coverage, so much so that I don’t need any under eye concealer.  Also, a little goes a long way.  Dab on and apply with brush or sponge.
  2.  Benefits Luminescent Complexion Enhancer.  $26.  This makes aging skin have a youthful glow to it. I dab on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, forehead hair line, and over my eyelids as a light and fast alternative to eyeshadow.
  3.  Benefits Throbb and Hoola Blush and Bronzer.   $28.  I like to apply Throbb to the apples of my cheeks to give a fresh flush looked.  I use a quick brush of the Hoola bronzer on the arch of my nose, cheekbones and forehead hairline for definition.
  4.  Benefits Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain. $29.  I like to use this for a natural touch of color on my lips. I line with a nude color, inexpensive drugstore brand lipliner and top off with a dab of clear lip gloss to the bow of my upper and lower lip.
  5.  Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler.  $20.  I have NO eyelashes.  This mediveal looking contraption helps.
  6.  Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. $23.  This totally rectifies the No-lashes thing.
  7.  Benefit Brow Zing. $33.  I also have no eyebrows.  This is a godsend.

See…much better, right? Now my hardcore roots are for another post…




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